Odi Resort Privacy Policy



In order to better serve customers and correctly fulfill contractual relationships, Odi Resort collects, preserves, publishes, transmits and stores customer data in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia and the legislation of the European Union.
Personal data provided when placing an order and purchase in the online booking environment are confidential and are processed in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Act.


Odi Resort does not disclose the customer’s personal data to third parties without the Customer’s consent, except in cases provided by law.
The processed personal data are the data requested from the Buyer when completing the order (first and last name, phone number, e-mail address)..


The security of paying with a bank link and/or bank card is protected by the SSL security protocol, which ensures that the exchanged information cannot be intercepted or changed by outsiders. Smoobu GmbH keeps the Subscriber’s card data securely and never shares it with merchants or third parties. The information accessible by the merchant is limited to the type of card (e.g. Visa or MasterCard) and the last two digits of the card number.
Stripe Connect and PayPal is a PCI-DSS compliant service provider that offers payment solutions, including Visa and MasterCard payments to merchants and other service providers operating in the European Union.


Smoobu GmbH, the company mediating the booking engine, has the right to transfer the customer’s personal data to the authorized processors of Odi Resort, with the aim of effectively using the collected personal data in order to offer the best service to the customer. Odi Resort is responsible for the activities of the authorized processors, and the authorized processors fully comply with Odi Resort’s personal data processing principles. The controller is Odi Resort, e-mail address is info@odiresort.ee.
Collection of other data – we also collect non-personalized data that cannot be directly linked to one specific person (browser version, language preference, location, time spent on the page, etc.) and which we treat as generalized behavior of customer activities in the Odi Resort booking engine. This data is aggregated and used to improve the service/product of the booking engine.


Smoobu GmbH (booking engine mediating company and manager) and Odi Resort store personal data as long as it is necessary to fulfill various data processing purposes, but no longer than 7 years after the departure date indicated on your order. Existential Holiday OÜ is the controller of personal data, and Smoobu GmbH transfers the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor (Stripe Connect, Paypal). The client has the right to access his personal data and information about the actions he has performed at any time. The customer also has the right to request corrections to his personal data at any time if the data has changed or is inaccurate for other reasons. To change/update or remove data, please contact us at info@odiresort.ee


Privacy policy terms and changes – by starting to use the booking engine, you have read and accepted these principles and terms. We reserve the right to change the general terms and conditions of the privacy policy, if necessary, by announcing this on the Odi Resort website. For all questions or concerns about the privacy policy or data processing, please contact us at info@odiresort.ee